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The bankruptcy of an exploiter state – austerity and social class at the end of democracy

July 2, 2011


The state is the great fiction through which everyone endeavors to live at the expense of everyone. – Claude Frédéric Bastiat, 1848 It is the confirmation that history rhymes that we find the need to make the same observation in 2011, the year in which, much like 1848, the mass of the people in many […]

Economic calculation revisited – the case of monopoly, socialism and the Road to Serfdom

April 10, 2011


The economic calculation problem of socialism is similar to the problem of economic calculation under monopoly. However, the absence of private ownership under socialism adds an additional layer of chaos to socialism, which is exacerbated under democratic political competition. This is what makes monarchy preferable to democracy, yet inferior to a free market of security. […]

On home and property – freedom of immigration in a private society

March 26, 2011


Property is the right to exclude unwanted use and occupation of space. Larger and more central properties have gradually less exclusive policies. The state practices a large-scale, uniform residential policy which it codifies in immigration laws in order to expand its power. This suffers the failures of egalitarianism and creates antagonism between different cultures and […]

The structure of a libertarian revolution – establishing a pluriarchy

March 6, 2011


The state system is a conspiracy between sovereign states to preserve each others’ monopolies of justice in their own lands. To break this system, a libertarian society must create the impression that the state’s agents are no longer exempt from the law and are vulnerable to outside force. This requires setting up security units as […]

The challenge to minarchism – the impossibility of sustaining a libertarian state

November 11, 2010


While minarchist philosophers claim that the emergence of a state is inevitable and that therefore efforts must be concentrated towards establishing a “minimal state” to protect freedom, thorough analysis points to the inverse problem, that no minimal state can prevent its collapse to anarchy without compromising all of its laws and principles. A few years […]

On the nature of power

September 11, 2010


Power is the use of force to injure someone without being retaliated against. States cultivate power by making themselves invulnerable to retaliation. The key to restoring freedom is to make the state vulnerable to a society independent within its borders. To answer a frequent question such as “why wouldn’t a gang take over” it is […]