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Computational Irreducibility in Economics – An Economist’s Review of A New Kind of Science

July 28, 2012


Beginning in the mid-20th century, economists have published articles, books and original research whose content consisted increasingly of systems of equations acting as economic models, and decreasingly of economic reasoning and theory. This was based on the belief that the¬†epistemology¬†of science relied on mathematics as providing verifiable theories, such as those that were prevalent in […]

The structure of a libertarian revolution – establishing a pluriarchy

March 6, 2011


The state system is a conspiracy between sovereign states to preserve each others’ monopolies of justice in their own lands. To break this system, a libertarian society must create the impression that the state’s agents are no longer exempt from the law and are vulnerable to outside force. This requires setting up security units as […]

The economic principles of intellectual property and the fallacies of intellectual communism

November 14, 2010


Now that Stephan Kinsella has admitted that intellectual property is a negative servitude and has a legitimate precedent in property rights, the libertarian debate on intellectual property is all but closed. However, many libertarians continue to desperately cling to their fallacies, and so this document remains to guide them back to reason. Intellectual property rights […]