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On home and property – freedom of immigration in a private society

March 26, 2011


Property is the right to exclude unwanted use and occupation of space. Larger and more central properties have gradually less exclusive policies. The state practices a large-scale, uniform residential policy which it codifies in immigration laws in order to expand its power. This suffers the failures of egalitarianism and creates antagonism between different cultures and […]

Imagining and creating a free country within an unfree world – local secession and urbanization

January 19, 2011


The modern state is a monster of enormous and unnatural size made possible by the concentration of power at its center. Because it is unnatural, it is impossible to reform it to freedom. Instead, libertarians must seek to colonize a country by creating a patchwork of secessionist free towns within the state, integrating them into […]

How can roads be provided by the market? – in cities

September 12, 2010


Roads are not a consumer good but a capital good in the production of land for rent. This is traditionally the state’s business. The abolition of the state is impossible without destroying this enterprise. However, the creation of a free market of states will make roads competitive. The state is not an evil in itself, […]