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Imagining and creating a free country within an unfree world – local secession and urbanization

January 19, 2011


The modern state is a monster of enormous and unnatural size made possible by the concentration of power at its center. Because it is unnatural, it is impossible to reform it to freedom. Instead, libertarians must seek to colonize a country by creating a patchwork of secessionist free towns within the state, integrating them into […]

Monopoly, competition, supply and demand

September 19, 2010


Market prices are driven by supply and demand. Competition in a market is the freedom to increase the supply. Markets that are oversupplied may create a situation where prices are so low that no firms can earn profits increasing the supply, or only one gigantic firm can. This is not a monopoly situation, while a […]

How fractional reserve banking destroys capitalism

September 12, 2010


Banking capital is earned through success in entrepreneurial investment. Bankers are long-established capitalists who can pick out which entrepreneurs are most likely to succeed in the banker’s specialty. Modern banking does not rely on capital, but on unlimited government-backed credit, through which incompetent capitalists take over all capital in the economy and ruin it. In […]