The structure of a libertarian revolution – establishing a pluriarchy

March 6, 2011


The state system is a conspiracy between sovereign states to preserve each others’ monopolies of justice in their own lands. To break this system, a libertarian society must create the impression that the state’s agents are no longer exempt from the law and are vulnerable to outside force. This requires setting up security units as […]

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Imagining and creating a free country within an unfree world – local secession and urbanization

January 19, 2011


The modern state is a monster of enormous and unnatural size made possible by the concentration of power at its center. Because it is unnatural, it is impossible to reform it to freedom. Instead, libertarians must seek to colonize a country by creating a patchwork of secessionist free towns within the state, integrating them into […]

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Secession defined – prelude to a strategy of revolutionary liberation

December 28, 2010


The following excerpt from the compilation The Myth of National Defense introduces the theoretical concepts that will be used to construct a full strategy for liberation starting from the current world order and unfolding to a free world without legal monopolies. The essay is Secession and the Production of Defense by Jörg Guido Hülsmann. SECESSION AS […]

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The economic principles of intellectual property and the fallacies of intellectual communism

November 14, 2010


Now that Stephan Kinsella has admitted that intellectual property is a negative servitude and has a legitimate precedent in property rights, the libertarian debate on intellectual property is all but closed. However, many libertarians continue to desperately cling to their fallacies, and so this document remains to guide them back to reason. Intellectual property rights […]

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The challenge to minarchism – the impossibility of sustaining a libertarian state

November 11, 2010


While minarchist philosophers claim that the emergence of a state is inevitable and that therefore efforts must be concentrated towards establishing a “minimal state” to protect freedom, thorough analysis points to the inverse problem, that no minimal state can prevent its collapse to anarchy without compromising all of its laws and principles. A few years […]

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The ultimate justification for natural and intellectual property

October 29, 2010


Natural property is not materially a product of the labor of man, however it is scarce to find and secure and quickly runs out, thus to be integrated into a division of labor economy it must be owned privately. The same applies to intellectual property from copyrights.  It is impossible to argue against this without […]

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The supply of and demand for rights and the fallacy of natural rights

October 14, 2010


The pursuit of natural rights theory is a search for first principles that determine the unarguable right any human possesses at any time in any place. This idea cannot be transposed from theory to reality. In reality, rights only exist if they are enforced, and the enforcement of rights is limited by material scarcity. In […]

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